UNICORN RIDERS Book 1 Quinn's Riddles UNICORN RIDERS Book 2 Willow's Challenge UNICORN RIDERS Book 3 Krysal's Choice UNICORN RIDERS Book 4 Ellabeth's Test UNICORN RIDERS Book 5 Quinn's Truth UNICORN RIDERS Book 6 Willow's Victory Unicorn Riders Book 7 Unicorn Riders Book 8

Unicorn Riders, Book 1: Quinn's Riddles

In their first adventure, the Riders must rescue Queen Heart's young son from his kidnappers. The abductors have left a trail of taunting riddles for the girls to follow – will Quinn be able to solve the riddles and lead the other Riders to the Prince in time?

Unicorn Riders, Book 2: Willow's Challenge

Head Rider, Willow, must confront her past when the Unicorn Riders are summoned to the town of Arlen. Her Uncle Gildenfair, who Willow hasn't spoken to for many years, is ill and needs a healing elixir only the Riders can provide. When Arlen is besieged by a neighbouring Lord's army, the Riders and their unicorns must help the townspeople defend the city. Can Willow find the courage to forgive her uncle for past wrongs and help him save Arlen?

Unicorn Riders, Book 3: Krystal's Choice

Children have been disappearing from the town of Miramar. Queen Heart sends Krystal and the other Unicorn Riders to investigate. But Krystal is struggling with her role as a Rider. When she is approached by the leader of a group of entertainers who offer her a life of glamour, fun and adoration, Krystal must make a choice – will she give up being a Rider? And will her decision put the other Riders and their mission to save the missing children in jeopardy?

Unicorn Riders, Book 4: Ellabeth's Test

When Willow is injured, Ellabeth must step into the role of Head Rider and lead the Unicorn Riders on their next adventure. The girls must race to the home of the mysterious Dakkar Serpent in order to collect some of its diamond scales. But the mission proves to be more perilous than they thought it would be. Will Ellabeth be able to put her pride aside in order to complete the mission?

Unicorn Riders, Book 5: Quinn's Truth

When the Royal Conch is stolen, the Unicorn Riders think Lord Valerian is responsible. But Quinn suspects he is being helped by someone from her past. Will Quinn be able to find the conch and face the truth before it is too late?

Unicorn Riders, Book 6: Willow's Victory

The Unicorn Riders are completing in the Spring Tournament. When Queen Heart receives an anonymous letter threatening the games, the Riders must act! Can Willow lead the Riders to find the troublemaker before people are hurt?

Unicorn Riders, Book 7: Krystal's Charge

The people of Haartsfeld are in danger, and the Unicorn Riders must find their rightful leader, half-faery Aveena. But Aveena doesn’t want to rule! Can Krystal convince Aveena it’s her destiny to be Queen?

Unicorn Riders, Book 8: Ellabeth's Light

Wild weather is threatening Avamay. When Ellabeth discovers a magical sprite is the cause, the Riders must work together to return him to his master. Can Ellabeth protect the sprite from Lord Valerian’s evil army?

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